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Mã sản phẩm: RSN7-1000

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Nhà sản xuất: Shanghai YiFa peg Welding

RSN7-1000, may han bu long, máy hàn bu lông, may han dinh chot, máy hàn đinh chốt, may han dinh, máy hàn đinh

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Máy hàn đinh chốt / Máy hàn bu lông RSN7-1000 Shanghai YiFa peg Welding

Used: pit furnace, boiler, a variety of channels, machinery and equipment
Thickness ≥ 3mm Ф6mm (M6mm)-Ф16mm (M16mm) screws, stud, Ji-shaped nails, corrugated nails, pin, nail insulation, welding pieces of Anchorage
Small size, light weight, energy saving and environmental protection, especially for export trade (million more than the provincial transportation fee) for generating electricity (saving 30% -40%)


RSN7 Series IGBT inverter stud welder
* Transform soft-switching inverter technology, small size, light weight, energy saving and environmental protection (SCR welding power than the 30% -40%), EMI and efficient design of the power grid of small pollution.
* The internal structure of the modular design, a full range of protection and use of pure IGBT devices, machine safety and reliability, low failure rate, no professionals, to general electrical maintenance, maintenance.
* Board waterproof, anti-corrosion, moisture, dust to deal with, in particular, apply to: field operations, tunnels, high-rise buildings such as humidity, poor conditions of the project.
* Stepless welding current regulator, welding time, figures show that the welding parameters and input voltage, input voltage detection display is "prone to" machine-specific. Welders do not have to be understanding of the voltage meter, convenient and practical.
* Fan-dormant, energy-saving and reduce dust and bodies, 3 times higher than life.
* Voltage compensation, when the lower voltage, the device automatically stability of the welding parameters, when ultra-low voltage of the welding equipment can still be normal its forces are much higher than ordinary welding machine. The special characteristics apply to: Power shortage and equipment requirements of multiple construction projects at the same time
* Welding, manual and automatic control any conversion, to adapt to a variety of welding technology.
* Welding parameters have been set up panels in a comprehensive, real-fool equipment.
* A reasonable output voltage design, the use of welding torch cable can be extended. Sustained high load, high anti-fatigue.
* The manual is scheduled to be arc welding, carbon arc air plane features.
* The special structure of the torch and to enhance the power circuit welding torch, heat a small, durable, the whole process of automatic welding completed. General welder for 20 minutes to learn to operate, that is, 1 hour to skilled welding facilities.
* High-strength steel plate electrostatic spraying, chassis, strong corrosion resistance.

Dedicated to: furnace, boiler, shipbuilding, construction of power plants, chemical construction, mechanical equipment, a variety of channels, containers, barrels, vehicle manufacturers and so on. ≥ 3mm thickness of more than welding M4mm-M20mm screws, stud, pin, nail shaped, corrugated nails, anchor, and other similar pieces of nail, bolt. Welding materials: carbon steel, alloy just low, with copper electric arc welding of materials can be. In the surface oxide layer, the film, primer or plating to deal with the welding work on the facilities. After the welding deformation is not no marks convex, flat welding, welding, welding Yang, the all-welding.

Technical parameters
          Model RSN7-1000 RSN7-1200 RSN7-1600
Welding range Φ4mm-Φ12mm Φ4mm-Φ16mm Φ4mm-Φ20mm
Welding current 200A-1000A 200A-1200A 200A-1600A
Welding time 0.1S-3.0S 0.1S-3.0S 0.1S-3.0S
Welding speed Φ12 10 / sub-M16 10 / M20 10 hours / minutes
Input power AC 3 ~ 380V ± 10% AC 3 ~ 380V ± 10% AC 3 ~ 380V ± 10%
Rated input capacity of 35KW 40KW 50KW
63A 63A 100A power switch
Protection level Ip23 Ip23 Ip23
Cooling F F F
Size (L, W, H) 880mm × 460mm × 588mm 880mm × 460mm × 588mm 880mm × 460mm × 588mm
Weight 80kg 90kg 100kg

Technical progress, if it changes, which in kind.

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